TCA focuses on the following criteria in sourcing its private equity/alternative asset class investments:

  • buy-outs/buy-ins
  • growth capital, no early stage VC or greenfield investments
  • opportunities with positive and reliable cash flow projections
  • vertical, horizontal or global scalability
  • clear competitive advantage(s) and/or high barriers of entry
  • opportunities where TCA can contribute and create additional value

Geographical preference

Estonia (Baltic States), Australia, South Africa and the United Kingdom.


Real estate, renewables, innovative technologies with disruptive characteristics and mature businesses with global growth opportunities. Investments are considered only in industries with ethical and positive societal impact.

Investment size and holding period

The size of investment opportunities range from €0.5M to €20M and holding period for real estate developments are on average 2-4 years and for other private equity ventures are on average 5-7 years.

Control & governance

TCA provides control through active management position (executive positions) and governance through shareholders agreement, which are based on conclusions of extensive due diligence .